About us

Highveld Taxidermists has served hunters from all parts of the globe for over 30 years. With three decades of experience, we are proud to offer you some of the best taxidermy services available – anywhere in the world!

Our state-of-the-art technology and superb craftsmanship ensure you of museum-quality trophies. At Highveld, we do not use commercial forms- only those of our own exclusive design and creation. All work, inclusive of tanning, is undertaken on site.

We are proud to be a fully state veterinarian-approved and registered quarantine facility, complying with the strictest standards set by our authorities. From taxidermy services on your trophies to packing, crating, arranging documentation and shipping your prized trophies to any destination worldwide, we guarantee complete peace of mind.

Our Tanning Process

Using the latest modified alum tanning technology, we can process your hides so that your taxidermist can start work on them straight away without having to send them to a tannery first.

We use only BASF® products and our process is designed by specialist BASF® tanning technicians. All hides are hand shaved to prevent machine damage.

We strictly adhere to our own practice of hand-shaving each hide, ensuring that no hide is damaged in the process. For complicated and sensitive hides, we opt for a paddle bath instead of the traditional tanning bin. This process eliminates the potential risk of hair-slip.

We FULLY GUARANTEE the quality of our tanned hides. We work closely with your taxidermists back home in giving them assistance and guidance on how to re-hydrate the skins so that they can place them on the mounts without any problems.