Risks of Dip & Ship

Especially if you’re coming to Africa for the first time, it is important to understand the process that your hunting trophies have to go through to be shipped abroad. Let us give you a few pointers so that you can make an INFORMED decision:

  • To be exported to the US or another country, hunting trophies have to be sterilized properly. This can be done in the following ways:
  • By having the raw trophies dipped and disinfected at an approved facility, also known as dip and ship, dipping or raw preparation.
  • By having an approved taxidermist tan your hides
  • By having a taxidermist do the complete trophy mounts for you

Dip and Ship

Dipping and disinfection is a process that is controlled by the veterinary authorities of South Africa and is designed to kill pathogens and diseases, not to preserve the skins and skulls. It is simply a procedure to make the shipment safe for export. Skins are immersed in an acid solution with a PH of less than 2.5 for 48 hours, after which they are dried and re-salted. The skulls are cleaned completely and bleached using a Hydrogen Peroxide solution.

  • No facility will guarantee hide quality using this method as it is a raw treatment procedure, and hides are not
    preserved using this method.
  • Your taxidermist needs to start tanning the hides asap, as normal decomposition continues and you will have no
    recourse if hairslip occurs.
  • You might be paying transport for a spoiled hide that your taxidermist cannot use.
  • Customs officials can use their discretion and consign the shipment to a designated quarantine facility, resulting in
    additional charges for you.
  • The RISK of this procedure and the outcome is borne by the client; raw preparation is not a safe way to keep your
    hides for a longer period of time!

Tanning of skins

At Highveld, we use only the original BASF® Lutan F chemical for tanning to ensure top quality results. Our modified Alum process will allow your taxidermist to rehydrate the skins within two days so he can start work straight away. Our process is designed and monitored by top industry professionals from Germany and is reviewed quarterly to take advantage of the newest industry innovations.

  • You will know the quality of the hides you are receiving is good, as we will report any damage or hairslip.
  • You pay for less weight versus dipped hides, saving you money on shipping.
  • Your taxidermist’s turnaround time will be shorter as this eliminates him having to send your skins to a tannery
  • The hides are completely preserved and are safe to store for many years.


33 years of experience on African game trophies and a lifetime warranty set us apart from the rest. From the sculpting of manikins to suit your needs to custom woodwork to compliment your trophy mounts, we take care of it all. Our focus is on top quality and realism and we go the extra mile to make sure you can proudly display the trophies for years to come.

  • Guaranteed quality
  • ​At least 30% cheaper getting your trophy taxidermy done with us in South Africa and delivered to your door versus taxidermy in the US or Canada (including shipping)
  • Extensive experience on African Game
  • Latest tanning techniques and high grade chemicals are used in our process.
  • Custom sculpted moulds for your trophies according to your exact specifications
  • In house woodwork department specialising in African indigenous wood to compliment your trophies
  • Photos of all your trophies before you pay us.