Dieter Ochsenbein

Hunting and taxidermy have been a part of Dieter’s life since his early childhood years. Born in Switzerland, he came to South Africa in the early 1970’s to pursue his passion for hunting. and started Highveld Taxidermists in 1981.

Thomas Ochsenbein

Thomas was practically born on a hunting farm and joined the family business in 1996 after completing his studies. You will most likely meet him after your safari when visiting our studio, where he will assist you to choose between the many possible options to display your trophies.

Lisa Ferreira

Lisa has been part of the Highveld family for over 25 years, joining the company right after completing her schooling. As Office Manager, she will be in touch with you during the course of the completion of your trophies to make sure that all the paperwork is in order and that the delivery of your prized cargo goes smootly.

Barbara Murray

Barbara is our Financial Director and will be your point of contact for any money related queries. She shares her father Dieter’s love for the outdoors and has accompanied him on many of his adventures.

Monique De Lange

Monique is the Operations Manager at Highveld and is in charge of the work schedule to get your taxidermy order delivered on time. She will be in touch with you at various times to update you on the progress of your trophies and is the person to contact should you wish to make any changes to the pose instructions.

The Highveld Team